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Tammy Kinsman

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Pilates, Bodywork, and Nutrition

Tammy’s passion and commitment to delivering Pilates, Bodywork, and Nutrition Therapy can be seen in the array of satisfied clients she has guided over the past two decades. She is eager to continue a unique combination of client engagement, nutrition and fitness expertise for superior results and drive positive growth in each individual. 

A Florida native, Tammy earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Florida State University, where she also studied Movement Sciences and attained a NSCA Personal Training Certification while cheering for their nationally ranked co-ed cheerleading team. Subsequently, while working in the highly competitive health and fitness industry in South Beach, Tammy incorporated Pilates Mat work into her personal training practice resulting in marked results in her client's strength and mobility.


Always looking to expand her skill set, Tammy then completed Massage Therapy school before heading to the Rockies where she then obtained a 900 hour Polestar Pilates Studio Training Certification—all while cheering for the Denver Nuggets co-ed cheer team. Her training in the Pilates extends beyond the classical repertoire (mentored with Romana's student for 5 years). Tammy is also a certified Breast Cancer Survivor Exercise Specialist, and with 3 children she has extensive experience in pre and post natal exercise. She has over 20 years of experience, training a wide variety of clients including, professional athletes, weekend warriors, active adults and children, and those battling Parkinson's, MS and cancer.    

Tammy is dedicated to educating her clients on the how, what, and why of the practice. Whether it is improving one’s posture, pre/post-natal, rehabbing backs and knees, or providing cross-training for elite athletes, Tammy has seen time and time again how Pilates, Bodywork, and Nutrition Therapy can radically improve the lives of her clients. She looks forward to expanding her skill-set and helping her clients every day. 

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Strength in Body & Mind

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Tammy offers personal, one-on-one Pilates sessions in the intimate environment of her boutique studio or if you prefer a more lively environment, you can join her at Pilates Bodies of Denver. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to rehab those nagging repetitive injuries, post-partum, looking to improve your golf game, or a weekend warrior, Tammy has the right program for you.

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Tammy will help you and your family develop a practical, yet nutritious nutrition plan to promote optimal metabolism, good immune response, and a healthy body weight. During your consultation, you and Tammy will discuss and analyze current eating habits, supplements, as well as micro, and macronutrient balance. Are you looking for a daily eating plan, supplement suggestions, or recipes for the week? Tammy has practical yet delicious ideas for you and your family.  



Not only is massage therapy great for relaxation, but it also improves circulation, reduces stress hormones, improves the recovery time of soft tissue injuries, and stimulates the lymphatic system. While Tammy is known for incorporating bodywork into her Pilates individual and group classes, she also offers 1-2 hour focused massage and bodywork. Specializing in deep tissue sports massage, pre-natal, cranial-sacral, and active release stretching, Tammy has the right technique to relieve your aching back, tight shoulders, or painful sciatica . 

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Tammy Kinsman


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